Movis Eastern Europe Private Tours – Video

Movis Eastern Europe Private Tours – Video

Eastern Europe Private Tours in organisation of Movis d.o.o. from Slovenia. Please view our video for more information of this great region of Europe, you shouldnt miss on your next tour to Europe. The whole region is just waiting for you to explore it on your Private tour. All our tours are Private Tailor made tours, so they are only for you and people who travel with you.

On one of our private tours you can experience great Alpine regions of Austria and Slovenia, Fantastic castles and old towns in Czech Republic, Impressive Budapest, Wild Balkans from Bosnia&Herzegovina to Serbia, Macedonia and Albania and the most beautiful Adriatic coastline in Croatia and Montenegro. If that is not enough we can take you to Venice of some other parts in Northern Italy.

Come and travel with us!

The best 10 things to see and do in Venice

The best 10 things to see and do in Venice

Here is list of things you should see and do during your stay in Venice.

grand canal venice1 – Travel by boat on the Grand Canal: it is the main canal of Venice, along about 3800 meters; you can admire the long sequence of beautiful historic buildings overlooking the canal, navigating from Saint Lucia railway station to San Marco square.

2 – Walking in San Marco square: it is considered the living room of Venice, the only square in the city. But it is also the heart and the symbol of the city. It has the shape of a trapezoid with porches on both sides, the historic cafes and open-air orchestras. From the centre of San Marco square you can admire the most important buildings for the Venetian political and religious life, where the Basilica of San Marco is its centerpiece.

Basilica of St. Mark on ST. Mark`s square in Venice

3 – Visit the Basilica of St. Mark: St. Mark’s Basilica is the symbol of the grandeur and the majesty of the Republic of Venice during the thousand years of its life. On the terrace of the Basilica, before the great central window, you can admire the great statues of the Four Horses made in copper.

4 – Ascent to St. Mark’s bell tower: it is the best point of view to enjoy the full panorama of the entire city of Venice from above. The Bell Tower is in fact the tallest building in Venice with its almost 100 meters of elevation.

5 – Gondola tour: the gondola is the typical boat of the lagoon city and symbol of Venice. Here the dense network of waterways that

27073278 - romantic young beautiful couple sailing in venetian canal in gondola, italy

wind in the town develops paths entirely distinct from the land routes, and many canals have not even walkable streets. Going through Venice by gondola allows a different look on the most hidden corners of the city otherwise unreachable.

6 – Cross the Ponte di Rialto: Rialto was the commercial centre of the city and its bridge connects the two banks of the Grand Canal, the most important artery of Venice, at least since 1180, although in that case it was only a pontoon bridge, but from 1592 its current structure has not changed. It is always surrounded from the crowded docks and picturesque markets which, then as now, flanking the Canal.

7 – Visit the island of Murano: is one of the two most important islands of the lagoon of Venice (the other one is Burano). buranoMurano, internationally known as the island of glass, also offers to visitors a demonstration of the millennial glass blowing.

8 – Visit the isle of Burano: the isle of Burano is the homeland of lace. With its colorful houses with bright colors, it is a real treat for the eyes and for lovers of photography.

9 – Aperitif Bellini at Harry’s Bar: the bar was founded by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1931. In the famous Harry’s Bar, close to San Marco square, you can not give up drinking a cocktail created for the exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Bellini in 1948, an original recipe by Arrigo Cipriani.

10 – Participate in the Carnival of Venice: it is one of the best known and most spectacular Carnival in the world. carnival veniceAmong the narrow streets of the beautiful city, for about ten days, it is a continuous representation of theatrical joy and playfulness, all in masks to celebrate the charm of a world of dancing, jokes, and exclusive romantic encounters.



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