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Albania is only recently opening to tourist and it has a lot to offer. Country was closed for decades and it has opened to show its charming villages, mighty castles and unspoilt beaches and mountains

  • Location :

    South Eastern Europe. Bordering Montenegro, Kosovo (Serbia), Macedonia, Greece and Adriatic Sea

  • Size :

    28.748 sq km

  • People :

    Albanians (95%), Greeks, Macedonians, Montenegrians, Aromanians, Roma

  • Language :

    Albanian, also some Serbian, Vlach and Macedoninan is spoken. Many people speak Italian.

  • Population :

    2,8 million

  • Capital :

    Tirana (600.000 inhabitants)

  • Politics :

    1912 Independent Albania, 1998 New constitution, Member of NATO

  • History :

    Part of Illyria in Ancient times. In 15C fight against Turks - national hero Skenderbeg. Later strong Turkish influence. 1912 Independent kingdom. 1944 Communist country under Ever Hoxha-isolation. 1992 democratisation

  • Climate :

    typical Mediterranean along the Ionian sea, in the highland mixture of mediterranen and continental climate. Weather varies from North to South.

  • Main attractions :

    Kruje, Tirana, Berat, Shkoder lake, Gjirokaster, Saranda and Ionian coast

  • Regions :

    Alabania can be divided in 12 regions. But geographicaly we can divide it in littoral lowlands (W) and highlands (E).

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