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Hungary is know all around Europe for two things. Budapest – thought by many as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with gergeous architecture allong Danube river and for the biggest lake in Europe Balaton (Muddy lake in English). The country on the other hand has vast plains where they grow crops and wine that is famous worldwide.


  • Budapest - one of Europe best cities
  • Lake Balaton
  • Tokaj region
  • Pecs
  • Spa resorts
  • Location :

    Central Europe. Bordering Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia

  • Size :

    93.030 sq km

  • People :

    Hungarian (95%), minority groups: Romas, Germans, Slovaks, Slovenes

  • Language :

    Hungarian. Roma, Slovene, German. English becoming more widely spoken altough it can still be difficult in remote areas.

  • Population :

    10 million

  • Capital :

    Budapest (2 million inhabitants)

  • Politics :

    Foundation of Hungary 895. Current Republic 1989.

  • Currency :

    Forint (HUF)

  • History :

    Kingdom of Hungary lasted 946 years and it used to be one of centers of Western civilisation. Communist era know due to the 1956 revolution. Climate: Predominantly continental climate.

  • Main attractions :

    Budapest, Balaton lake, Sziget Festival, Gyor, Pecs, spas, wine & salamis.

  • Regions :

    Hungary is divided in 7 regions.

  • Budapest-Parliament-Hungary-destinations
  • Cathedral-Esztergom-Hungary
  • Eger-Hungary-destinations
  • Esterhazy-Castle- Hungary-destinations