They say that doesn’t live the best who has everything, but who is happier. Wise words that can be found in the mouth of all. They also say that you are happier when you spend your money on experiences rather than in material goods, or you’ve only really lived when you explore the world beyond your boundaries, and it certainly is. Traveling is much more than getting out of your city, your state or country, travel is to know the unknown, venture into a whole new world, new cultures, go out of the routine. Travel means be happy.

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Not every trip has a purpose, and although many are due to business, vacation, going to amusement parks or shopping, the important thing is knowing what to take from each of them, and is not those material goods that you bring, but the experiences you get at each site you visit, every land you know, every new smell, new texture, new friendships, they are those who really define who you are. There is no point in living in a world so big when you only know four walls.

Each country has its own beauty, its characteristics that differentiate them from any other, their lifestyles, everything that makes them unique and original. Every time we visit a new country, we connect with a host of new experiences that bring us an indescribable and incomparable personal benefit, the satisfaction of knowing that you are alive, and that what makes you alive is that unimaginable beauty around you to see beyond your horizon.

The old continent, the heart of the planet, among other ways to call the extension of land with the most history. Europe. There is no word that describes the continent in all its aspects, but if we were to define it, this would be “Majestic”. Cradle of modern society, the development of science in all its aspects, gave birth to the greatest thinkers who ever lived, with great and interesting stories since its inception in southern Portugal to its grand finale which ends on the horizon between European Russia and Siberia, covering a wealth of culture, mountains, landscapes, rivers and all that natural beauty that exist in it, and can not be compared to anywhere else in the world.

Bled SloveniaIf we want to specify us in the heart of the heart of the world, we speak of Slovenia, in Central Europe, and although it is not as famous and crowded by travelers just like other Western countries, would be a shame to die without knowing it, and is that it is not necessary to speak about all the wonders of this country to invite you to visit it, it’s almost like a spiritual obligation to know where Europe was born, where it formed what we know today, its people, its traditions, it is as if we traveled to the past but living in this present and with a great vision for the future of the continent.

The groups who are today located in Central and Eastern Europe have developed regional cultural adaptations and are known by the variants of the Slavic language they speak, it is divided into: East Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian), Western Slavic (Polish, Czech, Slovak, Lusatian or Soravo and Kashube) and Southern Slave (Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian and Macedonian). Currently these groups have different significance in relation to the total population of each nation.

Exclusive diningIts geographical location could not be more favorable, as it puts you just one step away from all those countries where you will learn who you are and by whom you are. Have you heard of the, now extinct, Yugoslavia? If so, you might have wondered why its extinction, and even if you think that a simple internet search will get all the information you want and you can satisfy your doubts, you could not be more wrong.

Personally I invite you, as a lover of the world and all it offers us, to visit Eastern Europe, it is more than just the east of Europe, it’s its history. The Balkans, with a vibrant population and a rich culture that combines ancient and modern, will captivate you from the first moment you step on any of the countries that comprise it, like Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, bathe on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, eat the rich Balkan cuisine, interact with its society, to the point that when you return to your country, back to everyday life, forget if you were living a dream or reality.

DubrovnikKnowing your planet is loving your planet. Travel, explore, dream. Become one with what surrounds you, feel alive and never stop expanding your horizons. A man lives by the experiences he has, they help you grow psychologically and spiritually. Come to Adriatic and Balkans, because I guarantee that once inside, you will enjoy every moment of your tour. What more do you need to convince you that this is your thing?

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