Top 3 of Slovenia

Slovenia is very diverse country. From Alps to Karst, Adriatic sea, rolling hills, deep forests and Panonian plain. Lots of small and charming castles, churches and quaint tows, but also of very nice old vibrant cities. Here is a list of our Top 3 things to do and see in Slovenia.

Top 3 for nature lovers

Slovenia is paradise for nature lovers. Forest covers 60% of its terrain. It has more than 90.000 beekepers, 27.000 kilometers of rivers and streams and more than half of country is under some sort of protection, making it one of the most environmental countries in the world.

Any nature lover should visit Lipica stud farm to admire smart white horses raised here since 1580. You can also join our Best of Slovenia private tour to see them.

Slovenia has more than 500 bears and you can enjoy in watching them in deep forest from one of the observatories.

Slovenia is also heaven for migrating birds and best spots to watch them is at Cerknica lake.

Top 3 castles

There are many castles in Slovenia that could easily fit among Top 3, so the selection was very difficult and very personal. We have chosen Predjama, Ptuj and Otočec castles. Mostly as each of them offers completely different experience. Found more about castle and Slovenian History on our Historical tour of Slovenia.

In Predjama castle you will experience true medieval castle, built in front and in the cave, making it very unique castle for world standards. And adding the story of Erazem to it, makes it our favourite castle in Slovenia.

, as the oldest settled town in Slovenia is interesting by itself. Nicely located along Drava river and overlooked by massive castle, that was protecting road towards Hungary. The castle hosts the best castle exhibition in Slovenia, including Musical Instruments Collection, Armory, the famous Turqueries (paintings with Turkish motifs from the 17th century) and the carnival masks and folk costumes collection.

Otočec castle is definitly the most “livable” castle on the list, as it is home to beautiful & luxury 5* Hotel. Located on an island in the middle of Krka river it is definitly a must on your stay in Slovenia.

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