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History, mountains and beaches.

In Albania history is all around; mosques, churches, monasteries, fortresses and ancient ruins are just some of Albania’s wealth of attractions. When visiting the country do not overlook its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters.

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Magic of the Fairy Tale Cities

The Austrian magical atmosphere inspired and was home to composers like Mozart, Strauss and Haydn. Strolling through the towns of this country you can still feel the elegance of past centuries. A special charm envelops these places in the wintertime when some of the best Christmas markets are held on the decorated streets, surrounded by joyful people and the aroma of mulled wine.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rich in traditions and folklore that combine the East and the West

As a result of its cultural mix Bosnia & Herzegovina is rich in traditions and folklore that combine the East and the West. This country knows how to impress also with its wealth of natural phenomena: plentiful rivers, waterfalls, gorges, mountain peaks and the promise of some of the most spectacular scenery.

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Beautiful architecture & Breath-taking coastline

Croatia’s main attraction is definitely its long coastline with clear water, sun-drenched beaches and old towns that will amaze you. The architecture of its towns narrates the history of the region that left us a wealth of culture and astonishing architecture. You can never get bored in this country, there are a lot of activities to choose from such as water sports, trekking, rafting, etc.

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Czech republic

The Land of Castles

Immerse yourself in the world of artistic landscapes and relaxing spa resorts. This country knows how to entice with its charming cities, magical castles and diverse architecture. The Czech Republic is also a must for all beer lovers since it is known for some of the world’s finest brews.

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Where History comes to Life

Germany is a great combo of unspoiled nature, picturesque towns with city walls, cathedrals, and half-timbered houses, amazing castles, beautiful gardens and romantic hotels. It is also a place where the history lives alongside the present: Roman ruins, medieval castles and remnants of WWII.

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Where culture and history collide

Hungary is where culture and history collide and create an amazing wealth of architecture. It is known for one of the most impressive capital cities of Europe, Budapest. The country is also known for a number of vineyards that serve to produce world-famous wines.

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A romantic getaway

When in Italy, do as the Italians: eat good food, drink mellow wine and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Italian cities such as Rome, Verona and Padova are for sure some of the most romantic and interesting places to visit in Europe. But there is more to this country than meets the eye; spectacular scenery and the best ski resorts.

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A newly discovered Treasure

Kosovo might be a fairly new country but when it comes to touristic attractions it does not fail to impress. Exploring its picturesque cities and beautiful countryside makes a great vacation destination off the beaten track.

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An ethnic Treasure trove

Macedonia is extra rich in cultural and historic monuments: intriguing old towns, monasteries, churches and mosques. But what gives this place a special charm is its warm-hearted people and its ethnocultural diversity that will make your trip a unique and genuine experience of Balkan culture.

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Portrayal of the Past

If you are fond of history, Montenegro is the place to be. Its medieval towns, Orthodox monasteries, Catholic churches and mosques tell a story of cultural conflicts over the centuries. And for all nature lovers: the majestic mountains, national parks and coastal scenery will not disappoint.

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Where ancient and modern meet

From urban to medieval, the cities of Poland are home to many architectural gems; castles, fortresses and ruins. In the countryside, the unspoiled nature of mountains, forests, waterways and lowlands invites you to explore the diversity of the country.

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Experience the Authenticity

In Serbia you are in for a treat. All the year round, this charming Balkan country suprises with good quality festivals, such as the world famous “EXIT” and the festival of gypsy music in Guča. To unwind, after all the partying, the wild beauty of Serbia welcomes you to explore the charms of the Danube river, mountainous countryside and nature parks.

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A unique Experience

Take a trip back to medieval Slovakia and visit some of its most beautiful castles and other monuments designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to their uniqueness. If you prefer the great outdoors you can enjoy the gems of Maly Kapaty or go skiing in the beautful Carpathians.

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The great diversity of nature makes this country truly worth exploring. Whether you want to climb the mountains, swim in the Adriatic sea, explore the caves or visit the vineyards, Slovenia has it all. Its small and charming cities with a rich cultural heritage and friendly people will make your vacation an amazingly relaxed holiday. And all this you can experience on Slovenia private tours.

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It is all about “back to nature” in Switzerland: mountains, lakes, forests and other natural wonders offer a wide range of leisure and sporting activities such as skiing, hiking, swimming, skydiving, rafting, etc. Nestled among the mountainous panorama are postcard-perfect towns with plenty of museums and other cultural treasures.

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