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It is all about “back to nature” in Switzerland: mountains, lakes, forests and other natural wonders offer a wide range of leisure and sporting activities such as skiing, hiking, swimming, skydiving, rafting, etc. Nestled among the mountainous panorama are postcard-perfect towns with plenty of museums and other cultural treasures.


  • The majestic Lake Geneva and its Chillon Castle
  • The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old City of Bern
  • The mountains, the lake and the city of Lucerne
  • Numerous peaks of the Swiss Alps: The Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch, etc.
  • St. Moritz, resort for winter sport vacations
  • Zürich, a city full of cultural treasures


Fun facts

  • About 23% of the population in Switzerland are foreigners
  • 70% of Switzerland is covered in mountains
  • Switzerland has more than 1500 lakes
  • The city of St. Moritz has been the host to two Winter Olympic Games, in 1928 and in 1948
  • The clock of St. Peter’s Church in Zürich is the largest church clock face in Europe

Switzerland and Italian lakes

In a few words
Explore the beauties of Switzerland, set in the alpine sceneries of idyllic mountains, turquoise blue lakes, glaciers and picturesque lakesides and enjoy the nature at its finest at some of the most beautiful lakes of Italy.
Price from 5420,00-19595,00 € / person

Switzerland & Southern Germany tour

In a few words
Explore the best of what Switzerland has to offer: amazing old cities, beautiful lakes and the breathtaking Alps. Continue to Bavaria to see more of fascinating nature and some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe: the buildings of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.
Price from 4365,00€ – 16520,00 € / person

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