North Macedonia

Lake Ohrid

An ethnic Treasure trove

North Macedonia In a few numbers and words

Macedonia is extra rich in cultural and historic monuments: intriguing old towns, monasteries, churches and mosques. But what gives this place a special charm is its warm-hearted people and its ethnocultural diversity that will make your trip a unique and genuine experience of Balkan culture.

  • Lake Ohrid and its surroundings: church of Saint John in Kaneo, the Monastery of Saint Naum
  • The Ohrid-Prespa region with the Galičica National Park
  • The Old Bazaar in Skopje, largest open market in the Balkans
  • The “City of Consuls”: Bitola
  • The impressive Treskavec Monastery
  • The winery heartland of Macedonia: Tikves vineyards
Fun facts
  • Lake Ohrid is the oldest and of of the deepest lakes in Europe
  • Macedonia was one of the only countries during the break up of Yugoslavia to remain at peace throughout
  • It has more number of mountains and moutain peaks than any other country in the world
  • Macedonia is famous for its wineries, producing red and white wines, which can easily compete with any French or Italian wine


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