Czech republic


The Land of Castles

Czech republic In a few numbers and words

Immerse yourself in the world of artistic landscapes and relaxing spa resorts. This country knows how to entice with its charming cities, magical castles and diverse architecture. The Czech Republic is also a must for all beer lovers since it is known for some of the world’s finest brews.

  • The Bohemian charm and rich culture of the capital city, Prague
  • The magic of a small town Cesky Krumlow
  • Great castles such as Konopiště, Hluboká, Karlštejn, etc.
  • The Sedlec Ossuary, “the Church of Bones”
  • The relaxing spas of Karlovy Vary
Fun facts
  • There are over 2000 castles, keeps and castle ruins in the Czech Republic
  • Prague Castle is listed in the Guinness Book of Records being largest ancient castle in the world
  • Czech Republic is known for a number of spa towns, the most famous are located in the region of Bohemia
  • The pedestrian Charles Bridge in Prague fills with painters, vendors, musicians and tourists every summer
  • It has an impressive architectural heritage with 12 UNESCO monuments


Budapest – Vienna – Prague

7 days

Explore the three most beautiful capitals of Central Europe (Budapest – Vienna – Prague) in just 7 days on our exclusive private tour starting with the gem of the Danube, Budapest, continuing with the imperial city Vienna and ending with walk on the streets of golden Prague.

From Prague to Dubrovnik

14 days

Discover most beautiful sites crossing the Europe through cities with character and amazing attractions. A combination of old towns, castles, islands, natural parks, caves and mountains will give you an overview of how Europe really feels.

Eastern Europe tour

22 days

Explore the ´New Europe´s´ finest destinations on the Eastern Europe Tour. Complete private tailor made tour for everyone who would like to visit all that Eastern Europe has to offer on a tour with start and end in Vienna, taking you to all the main sites from Prague, Krakow, Budapest all the way to Lake Bled, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik.


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