A newly discovered Treasure

Kosovo In a few numbers and words

Kosovo might be a fairly new country but when it comes to touristic attractions it does not fail to impress. Exploring its picturesque cities and beautiful countryside makes a great vacation destination off the beaten track.

  • The Ottoman architecture of Prizren
  • The city of Peja and the Visoki Dečani Monastery
  • Traces of the past in the capital city, Pristina
  • Gračanica Monastery, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Hiking in the Rugova mountains
  • The city of Mitrovica and the Church of Saint Demetrius
Fun facts
  • Kosovo is the youngest country of the 21st century which declared independence from Serbia onin 2008.
  • Kosovo, literally translated means ‘field of blackbirds’.
  • More than 25 %  of its territory is covered by rainforests.
  • Kosovo was ruled by the Ottoman Empire from the mid-15th to the early 20th century.


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