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Serbia In a few numbers and words

In Serbia you are in for a treat. All the year round, this charming Balkan country suprises with good quality festivals, such as the world famous “EXIT” and the festival of gypsy music in Guča. To unwind, after all the partying, the wild beauty of Serbia welcomes you to explore the charms of the Danube river, mountainous countryside and nature parks.

  • Diverse architecture, from Byzantine and Ottoman to neoclassical and Art Nouveau buildings in Belgrade
  • Iron Gates and other points of interest along the Danube
  • Exploring the monasteries of Fruška Gora, Manasija, Žiča, etc.
  • The amazing eco wonders of the Zlatibor mountain and ethno village of Sirogojno
  • The stunning Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad
  • The historic town of Niš and its fortress
Fun facts
  • Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, is one of the oldest cities in Europe, settlements existed here for at least 7000 years
  • Europe’s largest gorge, the Đerdap Gorge is situated in Serbia
  • Monasteries (bulit between 12th and 17th century) are of the most important cultural and historical value in Serbia
  • The Church of Saint Sava (in Belgrade) is one one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world


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Explore the Balkans with a private guide/driver on our Grand Balkan Tour. The tour covers 7 countries – 6 of them known as ex Yugoslavia and their neighbour Albania. The region that went through turbulent times is waiting for you to be discovered. Definitely Best Balkan tours and a tour not to miss!


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